Are you searching for an elegant and functional set of railings or fencing for your home? The fine professionals at Cacciola Iron Works can manufacture and install beautiful iron or aluminum railings both inside and outdoors. The railings come in a variety of different styles, though you could also opt for a custom solution to fit the specifics of your home décor.

But which one to choose: aluminum or wrought iron railings? Go over the list of advantages for both our wrought iron and aluminum railings and make an educated decision on which type of railings will best suit your home renovation or construction project.

What Are the Advantages of Wrought Iron Railings

Perhaps the most common type of iron railings (and the kind we use to create both our interior and exterior railings) is wrought iron. These types of railings are powder-coated to keep the wrought iron protected from the elements and corrosion. 

Once you treat your wrought iron railings and fences with proper sealing and maintenance, you can expect them to last a minimum of 60 years, though often they last more than a lifetime, especially as it comes to indoor railings. 

Just make sure to inspect your wrought iron fencing for flaws or any warning signs of deterioration of the powder coating. Make it a habit to regularly clean your wrought iron works as well as recoat it when necessary.

You might be aware that wrought iron staircases and fences were once only affordable to the wealthy, but today iron railings are enjoyed by people of many financial backgrounds due to their unique advantages:

Wrought Iron Railings Are Strong and Secure

Wrought iron is a material that can sustain high levels of stress. The metal’s ultimate tensile strength is between 240-250 MPa (pressure unit) which makes it perfectly strong and secure to be used in any type of fences, gates, and railings.  

The good thing about wrought iron railings and balusters is that given the sturdiness of the material they are made of they don’t necessarily have to be thin to be durable. You can have a finely ornamented wrought iron fence or railings that impress with elegance and delicacy and yet they’ll still offer the strength required as per their general application.

Wrought Iron Railings Are Customizable

Wrought iron is a quite flexible material when heated to high temperatures and thus it is easy to shape it to the desired ornate element of your choosing.  “Wrought iron” actually is the archaic version of “worked iron” – that is iron that has been hammered, rolled, or simply worked to adapt to a specific shape.  Wrought iron has high elasticity which allows it to be bent and molded into various shapes so you can enjoy a truly unique railing design.

Wrought Iron Railings Are a Piece of Art

Wrought iron railings are no longer mass-produced and that makes each design project one of a kind. The material is forged and handcrafted with special tools that give its unique shape. The intricate wrought-iron shapes of your railing, gate, or fence are unique pieces of art that you can proudly show to neighbors and passers-by.

Wrought Iron Railings Require Little Maintenance

Keeping your wrought iron railings in good shape doesn’t require much effort. Use soap and water occasionally to remove dust and grime.  You should make it a habit to inspect your outdoor metal railings for weather-caused flaws or deterioration. If you find any signs of corrosion clean and recoat your wrought iron railings and they remain good as new.

Wrought Iron Railings Are Long-Lasting

Wrought iron is a rather resilient material. Due to its high carbon content, the wrought iron railings can bend but never break. Making an investment in wrought iron stair railings, fences or gates is a smart decision that will ensure long term ROI.  

You won’t have to worry about any repair works or new investment in railings most probably in your lifetime as long as you decide to settle for new wrought iron railings.

Wrought Iron Railings Are Rust-Resistant

Wrought iron is known for its rust-free qualities. Of course, it would be wrong to assume that the material cannot rust, however, if you apply minimum yet proper care to both your exterior and interior wrought iron railings you won’t have to worry about it. 

Usually, it all comes down to monitoring your iron railings, cleaning them as a preventive measure, and, of course, applying a protective coat of paint to preserve the material from any severe weather conditions.

Wrought Iron Railings are Great Value-for-Money Deal

Wrought iron is tough, resilient material that can withstand the test of time. It needs little maintenance to stay in good shape and adds value to your home. Investing in wrought iron railings that complement your porch is a great way to ensure your money is well spent. 

What Are the Advantages of Aluminum Railings

The most abundant element in Earth’s crust, aluminum is well-known for its strength, lightweight, and low-cost. Interior and exterior railings made of aluminum are robust and weather-resistant. They incorporate finesse and durability in a low-key design that adds class to your home.

Aluminum Railings Are Strong and Versatile

Aluminum is a light, sturdy yet flexible material. It can easily withstand harsh weather conditions like wind, rain, snow, ice, and UV rays. Aluminum railings could remain in good shape for many years to come.  If you’re worried about your fencing or railings deteriorating in the rain – put an end to your hardships and choose aluminum.

Aluminum Railings Don’t Rot and Rust

Aluminum could hardly rust because rust in its essence is iron oxide and aluminum has basically no iron in its composition. And while aluminum still oxidizes, the oxidized layer protects the underlying unoxidized layer. Aluminum is often referred to as rust-free material because oxidized aluminum is quite resistant to corrosion. 

Thus your outdoor aluminum railings are safe outside even when exposed to excessive heat and cold because they are highly resistant to corrosion.

Aluminum Railings Are Customizable and Beautiful

Aluminum is a material that can easily take any shape or form. You can order aluminum railings and fencing in a variety of styles and designs. Choose traditional, old-fashion balustrades and make your home feel like an aristocratic estate, or go for a modern and sleek design that pays tribute to minimalism with its low-key appearance – the options are plenty and so are color combinations.

Aluminum Railings Are Easy to Look After

Regular outdoor aluminum railings will need repainting once in a while. But if you choose powder-coated aluminum railings you won’t even have to think about that – they’re maintenance-free. Well, it is good advice to clean your aluminum railings every once in a while with water, a non-abrasive soap, and a sponge. If you live near the ocean, you may find hinges and fasteners on railings, and gates may have trouble with oxidation occasionally. If this occurs, all you need is to spread a light layer of floor or car wax on them and the oxidized paint will be removed in no time. You’ll get your aluminum railings’ true color back and will add a shiny touch to your staircase or fence. 

Aluminum Railings Are Long-Lasting

The high weather resistance of aluminum railings is a guarantee for their long-term use. They simply do not wear out.  Outdoor aluminum railings can last for more than a lifetime. By investing in an aluminum staircase or fence you won’t have to worry about your outdoor or indoor railings at all.

Aluminum Railings Are a Great Investment

Aluminum is not only wide-spread but it’s also cheaper than most materials. You can get a better deal on an aluminum deck railing system than wrought iron or steel.  On the other hand, some staircases and fences like wooden ones deteriorate faster which is not the case with aluminum railings and their maintenance requirements

Aluminum railings are a cost-effective, one-time investment.  They bring you the advantages of wrought iron at a better price and eliminate the need for constant care which a wood railing would require.   

Wrought iron and aluminum railings are both environmentally friendly, durable, customizable, and elegant. The professional approach and affordable pricing of Cacciola Iron Works make both wrought iron and aluminum railings and fencing a great choice for your home improvement project. 

If you’re ready to make your home beautiful, contact us today for a free quote or check out our gallery of finished wrought iron and aluminum railing projects.