Deck and porch railings are obvious installation choices for most homes, whether you want to make them a little safer, or simply add a little refinement to your property. Naturally, once you install a railing that also means you’ll need to take care of it, so it continues to be appealing and safe and doesn’t become a hazard or an eyesore. Your friends at Cacciola Iron Works can have a few suggestions for caring for your aluminum railings.

Regular Cleaning

Your deck and/or porch should get cleaned regularly. The ideal frequency is at least twice a year, with touch-ups and spot-cleaning as needed. When you do clean this full cleaning, that should include the railings. It’s easier to remember doing them both at the same time, and it makes sure they look uniform.

Work Top-To-Bottom

Many of the cleaning solutions used on decks, porches, and railings have the potential to stain and discolor if a splash is left to dry. The best strategy for handling that is to start at the top of a small section and work all the way to the bottom, to ensure you’ve quickly caught any splashes that you made from higher up. Working from the bottom you run the risk of splashing on parts you’ve already cleaned, meaning you have to go back and do it again.

Use The Right Solution

Your deck or porch and railings are probably made of different materials, which will require different solutions to clean effectively. For aluminum railings, you’ll need a damp cloth, and some mild detergent mixed with warm water. Once you’ve got it cleaned to your liking, simply rinse with a garden hose and let it dry.

Keeping your railings looking nice will help you show your home at its best, and help guests to feel welcome. For more tips on railing maintenance or questions about an installation, contact us today!