Our wrought Iron creations are fine-crafted and made to reflect the needs and desires of our customers. We offer a wide range of selections from a simple hand rail to a one-of-a-kind detailed curved rail. Cacciola will be sure to work with each customer to design and create the perfect rail, gate, or balcony.

You have just found yourself a skillful and experienced partner for your decorative ironwork project. Whether you are about to upgrade your residential or commercial property in New Jersey or New York with wrought iron railings, gates or fences, Cacciola’s team is here for you. 

Ornamental iron products are often preferred when one is to increase home value or to add curb appeal to their property. Decorative iron works incorporate functionality and beauty into a single project. 

For over 35 years we have crafted custom decorative ironworks for our clients in New Jersey and New York, ranging from balusters, scrolls, railings, balls, fireplace grills and doors, and a variety of other ornamental iron and aluminum items.

As real craftsmen in our niche, we vouch for the high quality of an investment that a decorative ironwork truly is. Our team will work with you to come up with the best wrought iron design for your property, we will manufacture and install the decorative ironworks upon your request. 

You can rest assured that the Cacciola team prioritizes quality in all the decorative ironworks projects we undertake in NJ and NY. Whether we are partnering up with home or commercial property owners, real estate management companies, or home building contractors – we always deliver exceptional quality thanks to our utter dedication, amazing skills, and years of experience in the field. 

Wrought iron is well-recognized for its strength, durability, and malleable qualities. It’s been a staple construction decorative material ever since the Middle Ages. 

All our decorative ironworks are crafted following the best welding practices, coated, and protected against water, rust, and corrosion. Your maintenance efforts will be cut to a minimum, allowing you to enjoy your long-term investment worry-free. 

Wrought Iron Gates & Fences

If you’re looking to mesmerize your guests from the moment they step on your property go for an elegant wrought iron gate and fence made by the Cacciola team.

The robust and complex design of our wrought iron gates and fences gives elegance and grace a new meaning. Awe-inspiring and unforgettable our custom decorative ironworks will make your property feel like a real palace. 

The long-lasting and low-maintenance wrought iron doors and fences will transform your residence into a secure and luxurious real estate.

Wrought Iron Exterior Railings

Transform your exterior railings into a great decor piece. Turn your deck or patio into a secure and elegant area that gives your guests a glimpse of your exquisite taste.

Cacciola’s decorative ironworks are meticulously crafted to reflect our New Jersey and New York clients’ unique preferences. 

Cacciola’s team will turn your balcony and main entrance into an art statement with impeccable exterior wrought iron railings, powder-coated for extra protection from the elements. 

We’ll design, manufacture, and install the wrought iron railings of your choice to perfectly complement your outdoor staircase or patio and will definitely make your property stand out. 

Wrought Iron Interior Railings

The perfect wrought iron interior railings exist! They are based on a fine synthesis of our New Jersey and New York clients’ project concepts and Cacciola’s 35 years of decorative ironworks expertise. 

The wrought iron railings tend to transform every interior living space into a cozy elegant gateway. The decorative ironworks often make up for great interior design makeovers and renovation projects.

Whether you’re interested in simple contemporary design or rich ornamental pieces we’ll address your interior design preferences accordingly and will create the interior wrought iron railings of your dreams. 

Choose true craftsmanship when you order wrought iron railings for your balconies, interior staircases, fireplace doors, and screens, you name it!