Remnants of the past, present, and future

Iron work is certainly considered fine art. Even though to the untrained eye, it may appear to be nothing more than a rusty amalgamation of metal rods and bars. That is definitely not the case.

As with many illustrations of fine art, a closer look will reveal its true timeless beauty. Through centuries, iron work has become a true enduring art form. Examples of the medium can be found in many cities around the world, standing for hundreds of years. And as current iron designs are configured, they are in position to last well into the future.

A cleverly crafted wrought iron project is truly a work of art. It will add a rustic panache to any interior or exterior design scheme. When it comes to the art form, there is no better group of artists in the Paterson NJ area than Cacciola Iron Works. They are true artisans of the craft, able to take run-of-the-mill iron rods & bars and create something extraordinary.

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