Although they seem similar; wrought iron and steel are about as different from each other as night and day. Wrought or “worked” iron is created when liquid iron is combined with a material called slag that helps it maintain a low carbon content. The various processes for making wrought iron require years of dedication and training as it is an artisan trade that is usually passed on from generation to generation.

Steel; on the other hand, is made by combining iron with other elements and compounds to create an alloy. It’s manufactured using workers, machines, and robots that work in huge mills or foundries.

So when considering which material to use for your home’s gate and fences, and whether you should invest in wrought iron or steel, keep in mind these three main aspects:

Wrought Iron Gates Translate into Strength and Durability

Wrought iron is consistently durable when skilfully handled. On the other hand steel’s mass production methods can result in inferior, low-quality products. The cheaper steel gates usually hint for the less durable material.

Wrought Iron Gates Are a Solid Investment in Longevity

There is a reason why many wrought iron products and structures that were built long ago, nowadays look absolutely unaffected by time. Wrought iron gates are less prone to corrosion and weathering, and with proper care can last for generations.

Wrought Iron Gates Impress with Their Beauty

Wrought iron is amazingly flexible as it comes to working it into intricate designs and shapes. Wrought iron fences and gates can be highly ornamental, and can add to your home’s curb appeal.

So when choosing between wrought iron and steel; remember that wrought iron offers many advantages that most types of steel cannot. For sheer beauty, longevity, and durability; wrought iron just can’t be beat.

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