How you decorate your home and property is ultimately a reflection of yourself and your personal tastes. From lighthearted playful tones to serious contemplation, there are nearly endless options. At Cacciolia Iron Works, we are expert craftsmen and pay close attention to detail when creating the following styles.

Rococo – Commonly referred to as Late Baroque, this style uses asymmetrical designs, curves, and golden highlights to bring a graceful elegance while retaining a playful flair. Perfect for the social intellect, a Rococo design reflects the ability to both host an entertaining soiree while engaging in smart conversation.

Victorian – In an era of grandeur and excess, the Victorian style is known for its intricate ornamentation and the ability to bring together several designs into one impressive work of art. An ambitious theme, the Victorian design brings a myriad of past influences together as a whole, reflecting an eclectic individual with many facets to be discovered over time.

Art Nouveau – Natural and perhaps more whimsical, this style is characterized by stylized natural forms, incorporating leaves, vines, and flowers throughout the design. A breath of fresh air for the Bohemian hipster, the incorporation of the untamed wild within Art Nouveau is a sign of someone who honors the past yet simultaneously aims for positive transitions and progress.

No matter your style, you can count on a Cacciola Iron Works to create a custom design that will bring your interior design together as a whole or add the perfect accent around your exterior property. Browse our site and see why we are considered the best in our industry.