A home’s interior railing is a statement decor piece that immediately draws attention. When created by a true master of the craft, it can complete the interior of your home and seamlessly blend its practical function into an artful centerpiece. 

Serving the double purpose of ensuring the safe ascend and descend from one floor to another and complementing the interior of our homes, railings have been an integral part of our building traditions for centuries. 

From royal palaces to modern-day houses, interior railings are a transcending piece of interior that can truly transform your home. 

Whether you’re looking to replace your current interior railings or are building the home of your dreams and need that statement piece, here are 5 stunning iron interior railings to impress your guests in 2022. 

5 Breathtaking Interior Railing Designs

Researching for your next interior railings project starts with evaluating your personal design preferences. You can, of course, experiment with different styles or even customize your railings to include all the design elements that you enjoy but establishing what direction you’ll take should be your first step. 

Here are a few interior railing ideas to draw inspiration from.

1. Classical Iron Railing 

You can never go wrong with the time-tested elegance of the classical railing designs. 

Traditional interior railings are the exquisite successors of Renaissance decor pieces, that often incorporated stunning art and lavish furnishing commissioned by the aristocracy.

Inspired by the ornamental mastery of Spanish iron artisans and the classic iron railing designs carry elements like rhythmic linear patterns with interlacing tendrils and at times arabesque decorations. 

Baroque iron designs from the French royal palaces of the 17th century are also an evergreen design example that brings to life iron elements of exquisite artistry. 

Intricate scrolls, golden leaves, and geometrical shapes and patterns were used to portray the stories of the homeowner in a subtle and fairy-tale-like manner, and choosing the style for your interior railings can help you do the same. 

2. Metal & Glass Interior Railings

If the classical iron railing style is not your preferred choice, and subtlety and airiness speak more about your design preferences, go for an interior railing that combines the strengths of metal construction with the finesse of glass panels. 

These modern railings are created by merging the durability of an aluminum or iron frame with the unobtrusive elegance of tempered glass. Interior railings using both materials offer strength and beauty without sacrificing performance.

The clean-cut, transparent designs of the glass and metal railings open up your stairs by allowing light to pass through.

Iron and glass railings are created to provide safety without being overwhelming and feeling heavy in your living area. Their construction is ideal for smaller living spaces.

3. Contemporary & Minimalistic Interior Railings

Contemporary iron interior railing designs are often associated with the word minimalism. Minimalism generally means less of something, when applied in the making of interior railings – it’s a style that offers a feeling of plenitude and grace, without the visual intensity of complicated shapes, forms, and ornaments. 

A metal railing created in the philosophy of minimalism and contemporary practicality strikes a delicate balance between form and function. 

Once installed in your residence, the iron railing is a true testament to the statement “less is more”. In the case of your iron railing, this means less visual noise and more harmony and lightness. 

4. Mid-Century Modern Iron Railings

The mid-century modern interior style rose to prominence in the United States after World War II and describes the architectural, graphic, and interior design style from 1945 to 1965. It’s characterized by organic and geometric forms and the juxtaposition of materials. 

The style prioritizes clean lines and simplicity over heavy ornamentation and abundance. 

Mid-century modern iron railings have distinct angular patterns, graphic sculptural forms, and fun loops that instantly attract attention without feeling overbearing or heavy. 

Iron railings in this design style are perfect for anyone looking to give their interior a sophisticated feel with a subtle hint of playfulness. 

5. Scandinavian Style Interior Railings

Emerging from the Northern European countries of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway throughout the 20th century, the Scandinavian interior design style is modest and centered around functionality. 

Interior railings crafted following this style’s guidelines look sleek and delicate, with a priority on natural looks rather than eloquent and complex decorations. 

Railings in this style are perfect for complementing the bright light surroundings of your interior. They can both blend in with the surroundings and draw the attention of everyone just about to step into your home. 

To Wrap It Up

Ideally combining practicality and artistic expression, the iron railing has long been an interior feature that almost no home can go without.

Whether it’s made from durable wrought iron with classical ornaments that transport the observer back in time or has a modern and sleek aluminum design – your railings are the functional artwork you need to complete the interior of your home. 

Forged with great care for detail and special attention to its durable functionality, iron railings are always a good choice for your new home or renovation project. 

There are, however, plenty of designs and only one right interior railing option for you. These top 5 railing trends for 2022 will surely ignite your imagination and help you make the best choice for your interior.