Wrought iron is the preferred material for building a wide range of interior and exterior elements for a reason. Its sturdiness, longevity, and little maintenance add to the incredible beauty of this seemingly rough material. 

It’s also worth noting that tradition in the craftsmanship spans over half millennium, extending the richness of methods, styles, and artistry with which the wrought iron can be forged. 

Wrought iron railings, in particular, possess the strength you need to ensure your home is a safe and welcoming place and can serve as a canvas for your personal design style. If you’re considering upgrading your home with a stunning piece of ironwork, here are Cacciola Iron Works’ tips on choosing the right wrought iron railings. 

But first here are a few parts an iron railing consists of that you should know about. 

Wrought Iron Railing Construction 

  1. Rails are horizontal elements that make up the main structure of a wrought iron railing. They are divided into top (hand) rails, mid-rails, and bottom (channel) rails.
  2. Posts are the usually square vertical elements of the iron railings that hold up the construction. They are a bit bigger than the pickets. 
  3. Pickets, also known as balusters are the vertical elements aligned between the posts and sitting perpendicular to the rails.

Now that you know a few of the fundamental parts of a railing system, let’s look at some tips on how to choose yours. 

5 Tips from Iron Craftsmen on Picking the Right Wrought Iron Railings

We’ve been delivering custom wrought iron railings for clients in the New York and New Jersey areas for over 35 years, and we’ve learned that good planning and research are often the difference between smooth and complicated project execution. 

So our advice would be to: 

1. Take Time To Examine Your Style

The interior and exterior of your house say a lot about you. So when you go about choosing what functional and decorative pieces to add to it, carefully consider first and foremost your personal preference. Interior trends are great, but sometimes that’s all they are – trends. And you wouldn’t want your personal space to look outdated and unpolished once a certain trend passes.

Taking your time to understand and pick the interior and exterior aesthetic you consider timeless is especially important when you’re investing in wrought iron pieces. Metal railings take time and substantial investment to make.

Furthermore, the style of your railings has to match your interior and exterior, so it doesn’t sit awkwardly, but instead blends perfectly and still provides a focal point. 

The next tip we would give you is to:

2. Learn Your Community’s Safety Rules & Regulations 

Wrought iron railings, when designed and forged by experts, provide the necessary sturdiness and security. There are, however, certain local regulations that determine how such constructions should be built. 

Before you commission your iron railings, it’s advisable that you do your research on the types of regulations you’ll need to adhere to. 

Make sure that you’re well aware of any construction codes, Home Owner Associations’ (HOA) rules, community guidelines, and any other rules that may apply to your area. 

Moving further you’ll also need to: 

3. Consider the Required Size & Strength of Your Wrought Iron Railing

Your railings need to be suitable for the space you plan to install them in. This means you’ll have to ensure you’re able to install them securely. Then you’ll have to ensure that the dimensions of your railing will fit in its dedicated space. 

You’ll also need to look into the design of the wrought iron railing, and whether it is suitable for your interior or exterior. If you have to provide a high-traffic area with sturdy and protective iron railings so your family and visitors safely move around the house, you’ll have to account for that in your design. For example, you’ll need to raise the height of your railings.

On the other hand, if the railing will mainly be a design feature, you can focus your attention on turning this piece into an unforgettable, awe-inspiring ornament. 

4. Choose & Prep Your Wrought Iron Railings Installation Place

To be truly safe pieces, your iron railings have to be positioned and mounted carefully and at the optimal place. 

How do you prepare your space for the installation of wrought iron railings?

You begin with deciding on the type of mount the railing will be attached through. This is a very specific step that not everyone follows. We advise you to consult with experts. Remember that your home’s safety is the first priority. 

If you, however, want to have a basic idea of the different mounting options, then you should know that wrought iron railings can be installed via: 

  • Direct wall fixture
  • Frame via a joist mount, side, or fascia mount
  • Floor or deck mounting

The installation of outdoor wrought iron railings usually requires more effort, especially if they serve as privacy or protection features. 

If you do have more questions about how your railings need to be installed, give us a call, as the options may vary depending on your particular space.

5. Budget, Budget, Budget 

Admittedly, the least fun in the whole process is setting a budget. But this step will help you better navigate your requirements, the services you’ll need, and the choice of the craftsman who will complete your project.

There are also the extra costs that an iron railings project might entail. These additional costs in your budget will depend on the designs and timeline you’d like the railing to be designed, forged, and installed on your property. As well as costs for preparation of the space. 

Bear in mind that custom iron railing projects might require more time than the pre-designed wrought iron pieces. Custom wrought iron railings, however, offer unique designs and will add exclusivity to your interior or exterior.

To Wrap Up 

The design of your dream home can be a very attainable goal if you put your mind and actions towards it. Just remember to take your time and carefully plan all the details that will make a huge difference when styling your home.

Wrought iron railings can bring out your impeccable grasp of elegance and add the safety features your interior and exterior need. But they are a project that requires your full attention. 

With these 5 iron craftsmen tips, we hope to give you the confidence and knowledge to tackle these types of projects. 

If you prefer instead to have the comprehensive advice and oversight of quality metalworks experts, you can always turn to Anthony Cacciola’s team at Cacciola Iron Works. We service the New York & New Jersey areas!