Wrought iron has a long history in ornamental metalworks that still adorn some of the most iconic historic sites. While the classic wrought iron designs offer an evergreen sense of sophistication, modern iron craftsmen continue to contribute to the growing variety of railings, fences, gates, and door designs.

So if you’ve been planning a renovation or looking to upgrade your home, here are a few wrought iron door design trends for 2022, that will definitely add to your home’s curb appeal. 

But first, let’s look at wrought iron doors’ history. 

History of Wrought Iron Doors

Wrought iron was an ideal construction and ornamental material, as it is easy to mold and yet provides strength and exceptional durability. 

The material eventually found its way into door-making. It offered security and its rust-free qualities meant a door made from the material would pay off its investment with time. 

The invention of the puddling process during the Industrial Revolution eased the development of the metal forging craft and pushed its adaptation into architectural structures and decorative pieces but people were using it far before that. 

Middle Ages Wrought Iron Doors 

The idea of making doors out of iron, as historic evidence shows, has come in the early Middle Ages between the 9th and 10th centuries. The constantly invading armies pushed people to switch from wood- a material that wasn’t as resistant to heavy artillery- to iron. 

So, iron became the material of choice, and people slowly and often painstakingly forged and fortified iron doors that would help them protect their homes and cities. 

In the 12th century, wrought iron caught the attention of the religious leaders, and metal fences and doors started being incorporated as imposing iron features in churches around Europe. The metal fences and doors served the double purpose of securing the religious temples and inspiring respect and obedience in the congregation. 

Renaissance European Styles Travel to America

Curiously, in pre-Columbian America, the most common metals used in architecture were gold, silver, and copper. Mostly because these materials were easily found on the continent. 

However, once European settlers started moving to America their preferred wrought iron architectural features moved with them. French settlers brought with them smelters and patterns and started building and decorating constructions with wrought iron. 

New Orleans, still fashions the stunning wrought-iron balconies, railings, and doors of its first European inhabitants. 

Top Trends in Wrought Iron Doors in 2022

Wrought iron may be offering some of the most time-proofed design features, but that doesn’t mean the iron craft doesn’t keep up with the times. These 7 top trends for 2022 are the proof.

1. Wrought Iron Doors with Solar Panels

In 2022 it’s not enough to only adorn your home with an exquisitely wrought iron entry door. Turning this feature into a practical piece that on top can help your energy needs and take your home into a sustainable future is definitely on-trend. 

Wrought iron doors incorporating solar panels are perfect for the eco-friendly-minded because they offer architectural elements that not only last a lifetime but help out with the electrical bill. 

Imagine your entry door powering your entryway lighting. That surely is an amazing option. 

2. Wrought Iron Doors with Smart Features

The internet of things, or the gradual incorporation of smart devices into everyday objects, is on the rise. The trend doesn’t escape iron entry doors designs as well. 

In recent years, integrating smart features into entry doors has given homeowners extra peace of mind. You can add a smart door lock, smart lighting, smart doorbells, and cameras, and have your home welcome you automatically. 

3. Pivot Wrought Iron Doors

Pivot doors are the modern clutter-free answer to the growing popularity of the minimalist movement. These doors pivot open and do not rely on frame-mounted hinges. 

Usually quite straightforward, these door designs don’t have heavy ornamentation or curves, but rather offer a subtle point of visual interest through their inventive incorporation into the design of the rest of your home. 

4. Wrought Iron Doors with Stunning Glass Features

If you’re looking to let more light into your home, then a wrought iron door with frosted glass is your answer. These entry doors come in a wide range of designs, allowing you to include favorite decorative elements, and still preserve their security feature. 

The tempered glass used in these metal doors meets the necessary quality and safety standards, so you wouldn’t have to worry about that either. 

5. Wrought Iron & Wood Entry Doors

If the idea of combining two opposite materials is something that interests you, but glass won’t cut it, then think of including wooden elements in your wrought iron door. The fusion of the harsh-looking metal and the warmth of the wood will create an exceptional balance, similar to the one found in nature.

There is a certain tranquility an entry door made from these two materials brings. It’s a design style that is trend-proof, showing up on architects’ and designers’ lists year after year. 

6. Wrought Iron Doors & Complementary Greenery

Not so much a door trend but a complimentary trend, adding greenery around your entryway, will create a fresh and energetic look for your home. A few climbing plants around your door frame, some colorful potted plants, and flowers that bloom throughout the summer are an ideal option for any fans of greenery. 

7. Wrought Iron Doors & Mood Lighting

If you want your entry door to be the stunning focal point of your home even late at night, you can consider installing LED string lights around its frame. The lighting will complement the wrought iron beautifully, adding a warming element to your entry door and welcoming guests in a properly lit entryway. 

Tips for Choosing Your Wrought Iron Door

Here are a few tips that will help you make the right choice when looking at wrought iron doors for your home. 


When choosing the door design for you consider its security feature. A pivot door may not provide the same security as an iron and wood door. But if subtlety is your main requirement then the lighter feel of glass and iron or pivot doors is the choice for you. 


Budget is not so fun but a very important part of making a purchasing choice. Wrought iron doors are an investment that will pay off in time. Nevertheless, this investment needs to be coordinated with what your budget allows for.


Doorways are one of the most traffic intense places in your home. So when you choose the design of your entryway door you have to take into account that its structure and installation have to endure the constant opening and closing. 

Simple opening and closing design should be a priority. This might not be the same for your backyard door for example or any storage facilities. The type of wrought iron doors you choose will depend on the amount of their use. 

On a Closing Note

The past few years have provided us with an opportunity to rediscover the comfort of spending more time at home. Naturally, we like to be surrounded by beautiful, comfortable, and useful design pieces, and renovation projects have been the solution many have turned to. 

Upgrading your entry door is one way you can add not only an up-to-date security feature but showcase your design preferences. Wrought iron doors are always on trend and are the secure and sturdy solution that will last. 

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We’ve been providing quality ironworks for the New York and New Jersey areas for over 35 years, and will gladly help you make the right choice. 

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