A rather interesting application of custom ironworks is the personalized fireplace screens and doors. At Cacciola Iron Works, we’ve done our fair share of custom fireplace fronts and a question that we often tend to hear from our customers is if they should choose a fireplace screen or a fireplace door instead. 

And while both can be visually appealing, they serve different purposes, so there are a number of things you should account for when making up your mind on the design of your fireplace fronts. 

We’ve drafted below a comparative list for you to learn the benefits of both fireplace screens and doors in order to be able to select the best solution for your home.

Why Choose a Wrought Iron Fireplace Door?

Fireplace doors, just like fireplace screens, could vary greatly in terms of design and execution, however, the major difference between the two is that each one serves a different purpose. 

Unlike fireplace screens, fireplace wrought iron doors usually enclose the entire fireplace and are much sturdier in their role as a barrier for the fireplace. They seal the heat in the room during winter and prevent cold air from escaping through the chimney in the summer.

What are the Benefits of a Custom Wrought Iron Fireplace Door?

Wrought Iron Fire Doors Offer Extra protection

Fireplace doors do a better job of regulating heat and preventing fire embers from escaping the hearth than fireplace screens do. A set of custom fireplace doors fits perfectly both wood-burning and gas fireplaces, regardless of the size, shape, or design of your fireplace. These fireplace enclosures add an extra layer of protection by creating a solid barrier between the hot fireplace and your room. 

Wrought Iron Fire Doors Stand Out with Their Sturdiness

Our wrought iron fireplace doors are made of thick glass decorated with intricate metal ornaments. They are solid and secure barriers to your fireplace. They let you enjoy the warmth and comfort of your fireplace while making you feel well protected by a beautiful custom wrought iron fireplace door.

Wrought Iron Fire Doors Are Famous for Their Heat Efficiency

Custom fireplace doors can really add to your home décor. But they’re more than simple decorations; they’re a great and easy way to retain the heat from your fireplace within the room. Energy efficiency is a great advantage that results in lower fuel costs and thus fireplace doors are considered to be a great long-term investment.

Why Choose a Fireplace Wrought Iron Screen?

Wrought iron fireplace screens are detachable (or sometimes freestanding) constructions that are primarily used to prevent embers and ash from being blown into the room in the event of a downdraft. The fireplace screen frame is made of metal (iron or aluminum) and the mesh panel from woven wire and perforated metal. The wrought iron fireplace screen can be designed in a variety of styles but its main purpose is to prevent flying debris from leaving the heart, thus causing accidental fires.

What are the Benefits of a Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen?

Wrought Iron Fireplace Screens Offer Extra Protection

Fireplace screens offer a different type of protection compared to fireplace doors. You can count on your fireplace front screen to protect you from the fire while it is actively burning. Fireplace screens offer fine protection against random sparks that could affect the surrounding area. They are also a safe barrier for children and pets.

Wrought Iron Fireplace Screens Ensure Heat Efficiency

An open fireplace is not only hazardous but quite heat inefficient. A sturdy metal fireplace screen can solve both problems.  A custom fireplace front made of durable fiberglass and wrought iron would absorb the heat from the fireplace and radiate it in the room while protecting you against the flames of the fire. 

Wrought Iron Fireplace Screens Are Great Decor Pieces  

Fireplace screens are also elegant decorative pieces. They greatly compliment your fireplace and are often the highlight of any room they are installed in. A custom screen project can upgrade your fireplace to match any interior design solution.

Why Choose Both Wrought Iron Fireplace Doors and Screens

In the end, it doesn’t have to be an either-or choice. It is quite possible to effectively use both on one fireplace. Your decision should be based on the needs of your home, and the local climate.

Whichever you decide to use, your friends here at Cacciola Iron Works can craft the perfect wrought iron screen or door to match your home decor. Contact us to learn more about the process, or to order your own fireplace screen or doors!