Every home could use an upgrade for safety or aesthetic reasons. With the current health crisis, people are spending plenty of time in the comfort of their homes so now is the time to make it happen. One of the best investments to a home is installing iron railings both inside and outside of the home that not only adds a decorative element but safety as well. Adding quality upgrades such as iron railings can increase the value of your home with little maintenance and added appeal.

The History of Iron

Iron has been around for centuries and was historically used for weaponry but became an ornate decorative material in the 16th century. The craftsmanship that goes into creating wrought iron elements made it a sign of wealth and status throughout history due not only to its aesthetic appeal but its strength and protective qualities.

The Benefits of Iron Railings

Wrought iron has a number of advantages over  alternative materials used for railings production like steel, wood and so on. Our iron railings are powder-coated for extra protection from the elements. Iron railings that are sealed and properly maintained can last for 25 years or longer for indoor railings. To keep your railings looking their best, you can clean them with mild, soapy water and cloth. A toothbrush can be used to scrub away any rust spots and to get into the intricate details of the design. An annual inspection is a great way to prevent any long term damage. The powder coating can be reapplied to add continued protection over time.

Wrought Iron Railings Are Highly Customizable

Iron railings are a unique element that adds taste and are both functional and decorative pieces. Anthony Cacciola and the rest of the team at Cacciola Iron Works create wrought iron pieces that are made to fit the needs of our customers. Whether you want an understated railing or curved details, our team can create the railing that perfectly complements your home.

Aesthetic Appeal

Adding a decorative iron railing can transform a home’s entryway, both inside and out. A grand staircase or balcony becomes a focal point of a room with the addition of a uniquely designed iron railing. You can create the design of your dreams that will make walking up the stairs an experience to remember.

Cacciola Iron Works is a family business founded over 35 years ago and has continued to be a family-owned and operated business that provides ornamental ironwork for private homes. Today it is operated by Anthony Cacciola, Antonio Cacciola, and Joseph Chavez at their location at 65 North 9th St. in Paterson, NJ. The business prides itself on providing top-quality customer service and state-of-the-art techniques for a finished product that is second to none. Start your quality project today at www.cacciolairon.com.