Whether you’re looking to add a bit of extra security to your property or just want to spruce up your landscaping, a metal fence is a great option. However, with so many different designs and styles available, it can be hard to know where to start. 

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top metal fence design trends for 2023. From classic wrought iron fences to modern geometric designs – there’s sure to be something on this list that will suit your taste. 

Let’s get you inspired!

3 Reasons Why Wrought Iron Fences Are Making a Comeback

With wrought iron fences regaining popularity, it is clear that some of the heritage from centuries back is still alive in our homes. Characterized by its lasting aesthetic beauty and intricate patterns, wrought iron is a superior material for fencing due to 3 key reasons:

1. Practical For Security Purposes

Considerably strong, weather-resistant, and with low upkeep, wrought iron is the sensible choice when it comes to metal fencing. When a material can endure harsh weather conditions, it is clear that it is an investment that pays off with years of uninterrupted use and lasting integrity. These are essential factors for your home’s security.

2. Evergreen Classic Choice

Wrought iron’s resilience covers the essential issue of endurance of your property fencing. However, some may feel resistant to making that choice since trends change over time. 

We can assure you that the elegance of wrought iron has long been established as the classy, evergreen choice that speaks of good taste. It’s not a coincidence that some of the most striking architectural marvels in our history have been created with the help of this material.

3. Unmatched Cost-Efficiency

Speaking of classical elegance we should also cover a concern people have when considering fencing options – costs. Wrought iron is a material that at first glance may seem out of budget. However, when you analyze your options, you will find that wrought iron is the right investment. 

The benefits of decades of lasting use and the evergreen aesthetic of a wrought iron fence can’t be compared to a material that requires monthly maintenance and designs that last no longer than a season. These factors combine to make wrought iron fences one of the most popular choices for homeowners who want an increased sense of privacy, security, and elegance.

Top 3 Wrought Iron Fence Design Trends for 2023

Wrought iron fences are now made tougher with galvanized metal and powder coated ensuring reliability that stands up to the elements. Homeowners can take advantage of this reliable security and charming wrought iron style to add a classic touch and value to their property. 

Not to forget, wrought iron can be fully customized to fit any design taste. From the geometric shapes and patterns that have exploded in design trends recently, to classic Renaissance shapes and lines. Here’s what the metal fencing market tells us about this year’s fence design trends. 

1. Geometric Shapes

In the past few months we’ve observed geometric shapes increasingly being used in home decor, furniture, apparel, and even metal fences, and we understand why. Many people are drawn to geometric shapes for their aesthetic appeal; the angular lines create an eye-catching look that brings personality to any piece without being overly busy. What’s more, geometric designs offer a sense of order and harmony within a composition that can be satisfying and peaceful to look at. It’s easy to see why geometric shapes and patterns are becoming so sought after by homeowners, businesses, and designers alike.

Even outdoor walls and fences have been decorated with geometric patterns that made previously stark walls much more eye-catching. Metal fences with geometric shapes serve a dual purpose – they are both stylish and offer safety from external influences. Geometric shapes are also popular for their no-nonsense and edgy look, giving spaces an opportunity for bold statements that draw attention and intrigue.

Geometric shapes can brighten up your yard and guide attention to a certain area of a garden or outdoor space, creating balance and harmony in the overall layout of the property.

2. Black Metal Fencing

Another trend in the fence design this year will be the black metal fence. We’ve already seen how the timeless look of wrought iron can combine with the smart look of the black color to create the ultimate elegance in any property exterior. We’re excited that the trend finds its place in this year’s designs.

Black metal fencing can be used to enhance both commercial and residential properties and will meet all expectations of strength and durability. Easy to install and maintain, this fencing can suit any aesthetic needs that a property owner may have while also providing the necessary safety and privacy.

In addition, straight black metal designs make black wrought iron fences pleasing to the eye, without missing to fulfill their job as an effective barrier. And their ability to blend with any type of architecture makes the black fences even more attractive. Not to forget the dark color is a great choice for home exteriors as it can accentuate the natural landscaping or garden of your home. 

Most black fences are treated with powder-coated finishes to prevent oxidation or rust making them long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free. The black wrought iron fence is a smart choice for anyone looking to upgrade the beauty of their home with an elegant look that won’t need much upkeep down the road.

3. Customized Metal Fences 

Not so much of a trend rather than a shift of focus to customizable designs, this year we expect to see a growth in fence projects that are specifically designed to suit homeowners’ tastes and property needs. 

Wrought-iron customizable fence designs not only last for years and require minimal upkeep but they can be made to fit exact specifications. From subtle details to large decorative elements, you can create a unique look and feel that reflects your style. 

For example, many customized wrought iron fences come with intricately detailed designs and panels featuring artistic patterns or flourishes. And if you want to take it up a notch, you could try using powder coating to add color to any hue. 

Not to mention how exciting it is to customize and craft a fence that is unique to your space and no one else. With a wide range of patterns, finishes, colors, and sizes available, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. 

You will also be able to tailor your wrought iron fencing in a way to easily accommodate a variety of wrought iron gates. This can include automated gate systems with sensors and cameras or sliding gates that open up into larger areas like driveways or yards. You can also implement remote access to your fence with access control devices or even add decorative accents such as finials and scrolls.

No matter what type of customized fence you choose, it’ll certainly add some wow factor to your outdoor space. 

To Wrap Up

Once thought to be a relic of the past, wrought iron fences are now more popular than ever. These classic fences are popping up across neighborhoods in all sorts of exciting designs. From simple curves to intricate patterns and scrollwork, wrought iron allows homeowners to make an elegant statement that stands out in the crowd. 

Made from long-lasting, rust-resistant materials, wrought iron fences can even offer increased privacy and safety while still staying stylish. As wrought iron continues its comeback, gorgeous wrought iron fences may soon become a staple feature on many properties. And we can’t wait to see how the designs of 2023 shape neighborhoods across the country. 

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