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Ironworks of New York – The Architectural Heritage of American Ironwork Craftsmen image
Iron has a rudimentary role in the construction of our civilization but we rarely think of its significance. We live in buildings, use products, and take advantage of transportation services, created with the help of iron, not realizing what a breakthrough the smelting process once was or how the invention and later development of melting...
Fleur-de-lis. The Myth Behind the Most Recognizable Iron Ornament image
  The poetic fleur-de-lis, or flower of lily, as the term translates to English, is a distinctive decorative symbol in a wide range of art forms – from paintings, iron decorations, clothing and textiles, and even tattoos. It is a sign of sophistication and purity and has once been an important sigil of nobility throughout...
The Most Influential Ironmasters of History image
3 Ironmasters Who Transformed the Iron Forging Craft Central to society and our industrial development, the role of the ironsmith in our civilization’s history was as important as the discoveries of the printing press, electricity, and computers.  The ironsmith was a figure with many faces. He was cherished for his work and sometimes feared for...
6 Historic Metal Railings Designs image
Metal railings are synonymous with their durability and security features. They provide long-lasting use and require minimal maintenance. Wrought iron railings, in particular, have become a symbol of ornamental mastery, and a subject of artistic expression and luxury. Today interior and exterior railings still carry their centuries-old elegance and invoke admiration for both their ever-green...
5 Stunning Iron Interior Railing Designs for 2022 image
A home’s interior railing is a statement decor piece that immediately draws attention. When created by a true master of the craft, it can complete the interior of your home and seamlessly blend its practical function into an artful centerpiece.  Serving the double purpose of ensuring the safe ascend and descend from one floor to...
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